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The nuts and bolts of asset detection and asset mapping | Guest Huxley Barbee

Tech evangelist Huxley Barbee from runZero talks about asset detection, and yes, just asset detection. Learn about the day-to-day work of asset detection and asset mapping. Go beyond the theory and speculation about whether the U.S. federal government will implement it on time, and join Barbee as he walks you through how it’s all done and what you need in order to do it well.

0:00 - Asset detection and asset mapping
2:56 - Getting into cybersecurity
4:12 - Shifting roles in cybersecurity to evangelist
6:02 - What does a security evangelist do?
8:30 - What is BSides NYC?
14:41 - Planning in cybersecurity assets
22:50 - Tools and techniques of asset inventory
32:13 - The importance of asset discovery
34:25 - Skills needed to work in asset detection
37:32 - Cybersecurity starts and ends with assets
42:22 - What does runZero do?
44:44 - Outro

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