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New Nagios Software Bugs Could Let Hackers Take Over IT Infrastructures

By: Ravie Lakshmanan β€”
As many as 11 security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in Nagios network management systems, some of which could be chained to achieve pre-authenticated remote code execution with the highest privileges, as well as lead to credential theft and phishing attacks.Β  Industrial cybersecurity firm Claroty, which discovered the flaws, said flaws in tools such as Nagios make them an attractive
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How Cynet's Response Automation Helps Organizations Mitigate Cyber Threats

By: The Hacker News β€”
One of the determining factors of how much damage a cyber-attack cause is how fast organizations can respond to it. Time to response is critical for security teams, and it is a major hurdle for leaner teams. To help improve this metric and enhance organizations’ ability to respond to attacks quickly, many endpoint detection and response (EDR) and extended detection and response (XDR) vendors