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Donation Information Page

1 January 2001 at 00:00

Hey there, lots of projects that are released on this site take weeks and months to create. Although the research is done for free many people have profited from the many open source projects. As a group we dont mind, however if you are interested in giving back we have a few crypto accounts for donations. We are hoping to make the back.engineer(ing) domain fund itself with domains and business inquiries.

ETH: 0xE659D89AD8AF691a534ddCb031F68338bf24FFDC
LTC: MJtwV8XJRf9WrJ8jMBj6rpfHBw6YDD4tak
DOGE: DS2kHu1nW1xbXngJAe1nZYpULDd1DHWHf7

Business Inquiries

1 January 2001 at 00:00

If you are looking to hire a reverse engineer you have come to the right place. However we do not offer illicit/illegal work, you will have to take your inquiries elsewhere.

Some examples of legit work we can offer include:

  • Custom code obfuscators/Code Virtualizers
  • Private deobfuscation tooling for VMProtect.
  • Devirtualization of VMProtect 2/3 routines.
  • MISC Private tooling for VMProtect.
  • Hypervisor development
  • Reverse Engineering existing hypervisors.
  • Kernel Driver Development & Tutoring
  • Reverse Engineering Malware & Tutoring

All business inquiries are to be sent via email to [email protected], please state the proposal clearly. Again no illicit/illegal work will be done.