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Empowering African Women through Cybersecurity | Cyber Work Podcast

By: Infosec
4 December 2023 at 19:00

Confidence Staveley of the CyberSafe Foundation and the CyberGirls program is today's guest. CyberGirls is a year-long cohort program in which women in Africa ages 18 to 28 can learn cybersecurity basics and create career tracks to fast-track these students into cybersecurity careers! Staveley tells us about the workings of the program, how she uses her YouTube channel to teach API security with food analogies and explains the origins of what is likely the first-ever Afrobeat song about security awareness!Β  This episode is as fun and inspiring as any I’ve recorded, so I hope you’ll tune in for today’s Cyber Work.

0:00 - Cybersecurity training for women in Africa
4:47 - How Confidence Staveley got into cybersecurity
10:35 - What is the CyberSafe Foundation?
16:57 - What is the CyberGirls fellowship?
21:30 - How to get involved in CyberGirls
30:10 - Inspiring success CyberGirls stories
43:11 - Keeping CyberGirls engaged
46:31 - API Kitchen YouTube show
52:00 - Cybersecurity initiatives in Africa
59:27 - Advice for working in cybersecurity
1:03:13 - CyberGirls' future
1:05:20 - Learn more about CyberSafe
1:07:22 - Outro

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