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How to become a cybersecurity threat intelligence professional | Cyber Work Podcast

2 August 2021 at 07:00
By: Infosec

Neal Dennis of Cyware talks to us about building a collective defense via increased threat intelligence sharing in the global security community. Dennis has worked with customer success and clients, helping them map out new intelligence workflows, and has also built out several intelligence analysis programs for Fortune 500 companies. Neal started his career as a SIGINT specialist while serving in the United States Marine Corps and later supported cyber initiatives for USCYBERCOM, STRATCOM, NSA, 24th Air Force, USAF Office of Special Investigations and JFCC-NW.

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0:00 - Intro
2:10 - Origin story
3:57 - Military and linguistics influenceΒ 
6:10 - Work in counterintelligence
8:51 - Digital forensics work
11:02 - Changes in open-source intelligence work
13:00 - Building a global defensive network
15:46 - Why aren’t we sharing info?
18:41 - How to implement global changes?
23:42 - Areas of friction for sharing
29:15 - Threat intel and open-source intel as a job
32:55 - Do research analysis
35:03 - Hiring outlook
37:15 - Tell us about Cyware
39:38 - Learn more about Dennis and Cyware
40:06 - Outro

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